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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a living tradition which has been around for thousands of years. Our pharmacopoeia (plant index) contains hundreds of medicinal plant and mineral substances which are combined into formulas (an herbal recipe), which can then be modified depending on a person’s unique health presentation. Herbal patients will always receive lifestyle and Eastern dietary therapy recommendations based on their pattern diagnosis, in addition to herbal therapy. Chinese herbal formulas are primarily ingested as a tea, a granule powder, or in pill form. We recommend a minimum of 2x/month follow-up for herbs. A patient’s formula should be modified as their condition improves over time. Chinese herbal medicine is a complete system of medicine and is effective in treating a myriad of conditions.


Meet Megan Bell, L.Ac. MSACM, our licensed Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner. You may already know Megan as one of our skilled Acupuncture practitioners, and now you can utilize Megan's skill as an herbalist. They can't wait to help their current acupuncture patients who may be interested in Chinese Herbs, or any new folx who may be curious about using Chinese Herbal Medicine in their health care regimen.


Call or email Megan:



New herbal patient (no acupuncture): $120 initial/60 min.
Return herbal patient (no acupuncture): $70/30 min.

Initial acupuncture & herbs: $150 initial/90 min.
Return acupuncture & herbs: $100 return/60 min.

Follow-up Sessions can be done via video chat.


Pricing does not include cost of herbs.
No mark up on cost of herbs. Patient pays for herb shipment to home address.

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